Sound design of 

Unholy Matrimony


  An unhappy couple's mutual cheating catches up with them. Unholy is very much a screwball comedy with multiple actions going that corresponded to each other in the same frame. Sometimes the best take for acting did not always equal the best take for audio as seen in the examples below.

  ADR is no ones best friend but unfortunately sometimes it is a necessity. When I received the audio in the following clip is a mess of the right dialogue at the right time, incorrect at another, and overlapping dialogue for good measure. To be clear, this is not the editors fault, they are editing for story not for audio or dialogue most of the time. Director Paul Anthony Rogers, actor Eddie Nason, and I got together record new dialogue for the following scene. (As an added bonus, because we were not using any production audio for that scene, all effects are foley)

Original production audio

Finished sound design

  For the following example, ADR was used to replace a line that is lost by important (and funny) action going on within the scene. It is a tedious process, but worth it when it works. 

Original production audio

Final sound design (without music)

Unholy Matrimony is the property of Paul Anthony Rogers. All Rights Received.