NHFF Rundown PT.5 / by Aaron Bouchard

Only watched one film so far today.

The Broken Circle Breakdown- Once their child gets sick, a husband and wife struggle to keep their family together. One of the few features I have seen at the festivals, but I am going to go out on a limb and say it is probably the best features, not just here today, but probably at the festival the whole time I have been going here. The film jumps forward and backward in time and I am not sure if they filmed it in order or not, but the two leads in the film were completely committed both physically and emotionally. The story is expansive but it is hard to imagine this film getting too much play in the states because 1) it is sad and 2) its foreign. Go find this film and watch it.

Probably going to one more block of shorts and going to call it a festival.