NHFF Rundown PT.4 / by Aaron Bouchard

…and followed quickly by my second half the day.

Social Butterfly- A thief crashes a birthday party. Could not tell if the main character was supposed to be a parody of Lindsey Lohan or not, but she was sure acting like her. The film is a real ‘slice-of-life’, and more interesting because of it.

Ellen is Leaving- A young woman looks for a replacement girlfriend for her boyfriend before she leaves town for good. Probably the best short I have seen at the festival thus far. It was something that I would be willing to spend a full feature film with. Maybe it could not sustain that much run time, but is that not the mark of a great short?

If We Were Adults- A thirty-something couple finds themselves at a crossroads in their relationship. The fact this film is so funny makes the parts that are incredibly sad that much harder to deal with. The film also touches some nerves as it deals with watching your friends get married while you are still figuring out where you are.

Last Night- Guy goes to party for ex-gf and her fiance; hilarity ensues. This is the most morally ambiguous film I have seen in a while. Along the same lines as Observe & Report where there are no negative repercussions for horribly despicable behavior. That being said, sometimes it is nice to see terrible people doing terrible things to other terrible people. The film is very man-centiric, so do not expect any strong females characters.

Setup, Punch- A comedian’s on stage marriage proposal does not go as planned. I was not completely on board with the film, but watching the comedian fight back from being emotionally devastated was interesting, but explored a little better in Louie C.K.’s ‘Louie’.

Alright, that is it for my second day at the festival. More tomorrow…