NHFF Rundown Pt. 3 / by Aaron Bouchard

Day two of NHFF (technically day three), started the day off watch an block of animation:

Benjamin’s Flower- A man with serious sexual issues speaks to the 4th wall therapist. The film started off a pretty typical animated experiment before delving into some serious psycho-sexual stuff. Lets just say, there is a lot of flowers, gory-holes, and anthropomorphic insect genitals. One of the more disturbing films I have seen thus far at the festival.

The Cold Heart- A man must figure out what is really important after gaining and losing everything in his life. Although the animation was spectacular, the film itself was close to thirty-five minutes long and told a story that could sustain about five minutes.

The Missing Scarf- A squirrel must help other animals in the forest with their existential problems on the way to finding his scarf. This film followed The Cold Heartso by being merciful short and funny, it was great position to look like a great short. Looking at it strictly on its own, it is also very good. The film positions itself to look and act like a children’s story book, it is all the funnier when it begins to get incredible dark. The ending is also great.

Moonlight Bait and Ammo- An insurance man goes out of town to investigate an insane claim. Seeing the different forms of animations and this one is only more special because it is made locally. The story does not demand to be made in animation but it is still great to see.

Oh Willy…- A man goes on an adventure after his mother dies. Not as strange asBenjamin’s Flowers, but still very bizarre in its own right. How bizarre? Puppet penis. The film is as equally sincere is it is straight up funny; Willy’s mother dies… in a nudist colony. Willy wanders the woods… minus pants and underwear. Willy finds a friend… then is breast fed by them. I am a sucker for stop-motion so this could do no wrong.

I followed the animation block with a documentary…

The Kill Team- A doc about the 2009 events that lead to 11 armed forces members to be discharged. Although the film is not an Errol Morris film, it takes it cues directly from Morris and his film Standard Operating Procedure. The film features some of the most graphic war footage this side of Live Leak. Focused like a laser, the film is just over eighty minutes long and does not dwell on unnecessary details or play politics. This is not a film with party affiliation, it is purely a human issue. Chances are this is not film that will get a wide release, hopefully it finds it way onto Netflix or somewhere else instead of falling back into the documentary ghetto.